Local Rules

Katameya Heights Golf Rules 
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18 Hole Championship Course & New Nine Scorecards




U.S.G.A. and Royal Ancient Rules of Golf govern all play except when modified by local rules.


  • Out of bounds is defined by the following: boundary stone walls, perimeter iron fencing, white stakes or white paint dots on cart paths. Hole #2 when playing hole #1, hole #3 when playing hole #2, Hole #7 when playing hole #6 and hole #9 when playing hole #8.
  • Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes and lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes or red paint dots on the cart paths. Stony aggregate areas are deemed as lateral water hazards, the boundaries of which are defined by double stone lines and or Red paint dots.
  • Immovable obstructions include all cart paths, yardage markers and 150-yard indicators (cycas trees), sprinkler heads, black water spinklers hoses, washroom buildings and beverage huts. Relief may be taken under rule 24-2.
  • The pump station and the surrounding area defined by blue stakes between hole #5 and #14 is also considered an immovable obstruction and relief must be taken using the drop area provided on hole 5 or hole 14 as you play.
  • Stones in bunkers are to be treated as movable obstructions.
  • Please avoid slow play and allow faster groups to play through. (Maximum of 2 hours for 9 holes & 4 hours for 18 holes)
  • Carts must stay on the cart paths where provided and be parked on the paths around tees and greens.
  • Carts must not be taken into sandy waste areas.
  • Carts are limited to two players only.
  • Maximum of 2 Carts only per flight of 4 players.
  • Please repair all pitch marks and divots and rake bunkers.
  • Players must adhere to the dress code.
  • Players must abide by the course marshal’s instructions.


  • Yardages shown on all markers and sprinkler heads are to the middle of the green.
  • Cycas trees are placed on the edge of the fairways, 150 yards from the middle of the green.
  • Red Flag indicates the flag is Front.
  • Yellow Flag indicates the Flag is Central.
  • Blue Flag indicates the Flag is back.