Our Tennis Centeris quickly growing into Egypt’s premiere Tennis facility simply because it has got it all:


The Place 
Katameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort the benchmark for resorts in Egypt.


The Tennis Tradition 
From El Shafei Wimbledon title 1964 till  Karim Hossam the world champion u14 2009 and 45 years of Tennis in between them.


The Tennis courts 
6 clay courts and 4 hard courts (Plexi cushion the same courts as Australian open) all with flood lights.


The Players 
Some of the best players in Egypt, representing their country in USA, France, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Kenya, Germany and Holland.

The present
Smash Tennis Academy is the leading academy in Egypt. Smash has started it’s well recognized programs and professional services at Katameya Heights club. Join us and start upgrading your level of play now 

The Service 
private lessons, group clinics, online reservation system, pro shop discounts, match play, competing abroad, college scholarships, video analysis, mental and physical training, intensive summer programs.

The Promise 
Whether you plan to play professionally, earn a college scholarship, a spot on the high school team or just play for enjoyment, BNP Paribas Tennis Academy managed by Smash is the place  for you.

About Smash

Smash is the first professional tennis teaching institution in Egypt. Having tennis as a major activity, Smash has put the accent on providing to the players all what they need to ensure the best training: A very well studied program, well selected coaches, individualized attention to each player, and facilities of the best international standard.

The program:

The coaches follow a well-studied program with technical, tactical, mental and physical objectives.

- The program is pre-designed for the whole year for each level.
- The program is divided into 3 parts:

A) Teach the technical objectives of a stroke
B) Put this objective into a real game situation
C) Apply this objective into a tactical situation close to a match

The coaches:

The coaches are selected accordingly to:

- Their educational background (Coaches coming from the physical education faculties are favored).
- Their achievement as players.
- Their teaching experience.

Smash employs lots of coaches in different Smash clubs. They receive continuous education and training in house and from different foreign coaches.
Individualized attention to each player:

- Smash proceeds to a follow up of the errors of each stroke of each player.
- Smash evaluates the performance of each player.
- Smash reports the player’s improvement and accordingly reassess his objectives. 
- Smash dedicates a coach for each group of advanced players to help:

a) Easier communication
b) Greater motivation
c) Faster improvement

As a result, Smash is proud to have national top ranked players, as well as players with an international caliber.