General Rules


Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort, located in New Cairo City, hereinafter referred to as Katameya Heights, hereby declares that these are the Rules & Regulations under which the operation of Katameya Heights shall be governed, and these Rules & Regulations are now in full force and effect, subject to any modification, amendment, change or supplement hereto which may be hereafter adopted. These Rules & Regulations may be changed from time to time by Katameya Heights, at its sole and absolute discretion.


Each applicant for use of Katameya Heights’ facilities shall complete and submit an agreement and all documents needed. Katameya Heights will review each application before admittance is granted. Eligibility will be based on an individual being of good standing in the community and possessing such other qualifications as Katameya Heights may from time to time prescribe. When an applicant is granted to become a member, all dues should be paid, before admission is granted. Payment can be done either in cash or by check made out to “Katameya for Real Estate”.


Katameya Heights is dedicated to the enjoyment of golf, tennis and other resort activities by all facility users. To ensure a positive experience, Katameya Heights has established a few policies and procedures to clarify each individual’s responsibilities and conduct while at the resort.


Guests may be permitted only when accompanied by an adult member (over 16 years), subject to availability, to use facilities upon paying applicable fees. Management reserves the right to limit or refuse guests at its discretion. The member will be responsible for the behavior of the guests during their presence at Katameya Heights. A maximum of four guests are allowed during the High-Season weekends.


In case the sons/daughters included in the membership are 21 years of age as of 1st January they will be considered as an adult member.
Plan “A” and “C”: Pay the individual fees. When sons/daughters included in plan “A” and “C” get married they will have to apply for a new separate membership subject to availability and approval. Plan “A” sons/daughters who get married will be entitled to a 50% discount on the initial fees which will be applicable at that time for their new family memberships under the condition of being a member for a minimum of 2 consecutive years.
Plan “B”: Pay the individual fees with a 50% discount. When sons/daughters included in plan “B” get married they will have to apply for a new separate membership subject to availability and approval and will be entitled to a 50% discount on the initial fees which will be applicable at that time for their new family memberships.

In case of change in the membership status, the member concerned has to apply for a new membership.


All fees, plans, classifications and Rules & Regulations may be suitably adjusted or changed with prior notice. i.e. operational hours. Katameya Heights reserves the right to establish or revoke any type of fee plans, programs, or facilities.


FACILITY CARDS Katameya Heights’ identification card will be issued. Facility Identification cards are not transferable and therefore, may not to be used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued. Presentation of the card is required prior to use of the facility or payment for service. Katameya Heights reserves the right to check your membership cards at anytime during your stay at the club. In the event of a lost or stolen card, the membership office must be notified immediately. The individual must pay a charge per replacement card.


Changes in personal data are handled by the Membership Office.
Notification is to be made immediately in writing to this office. If not, all correspondences will be considered as delivered.

GENERAL RULES Under no circumstances nannies are not allowed on the premises.
Under no circumstances will pets be permitted in the facilities or at the golf course at any time.
Katameya Heights will not be responsible for the loss, stolen or damage to property of members & guests.
No subscriptions, paper, or other petitions (unless related to the business of Katameya Heights) shall be posted or circulated on the premises, nor shall subscriptions be solicited, except for Katameya Heights purposes, and only with the prior approval of the management.
Every facility user shall be held personally responsible for any property damage and/or injury, caused by him/her, and his/her guests, while at Katameya Heights. Such individuals shall pay for all costs thereof when a bill is presented.
Any person who, in any manner makes use of or accepts the use of any apparatus, appliance, facility, privilege, or service whatsoever owned, leased or operated by Katameya Heights, or engages in any organized, arranged, or sponsored activity by Katameya Heights, either on or off the premises, shall do so at his/her own risk, and shall hold Katameya Heights, its operators, officers, employees, representatives and agents harmless from any and all loss, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by him/her, resulting there from and/or resulting from any act or omission of any officers, employees, representatives or agents of Katameya Heights.
Should any party bound by these Rules & Regulations bring suit against Katameya Heights for any claim or matter, and fail to obtain judgment therein against Katameya Heights, said party shall be liable to Katameya Heights for all costs and expenses incurred by it in the defense of such suit (including attorney’s fees through all appeal proceedings). The same result holds true if Katameya Heights brings suit against any facility user or party for any cause, such as non-payment of dues, and Katameya Heights wins the suit.
Nothing shall be posted on the general bulletin board except by the management.
No one is allowed to bring any food or beverage items into the premises.
For any engine and vehicles usage on the premises, drivers should be licensed.
Roller blades, skateboards, Bicycles, Scooters…etc are prohibited on the premises.
The speed limit through the entire resort is 30km/h.


All individuals must pay for personal services on an “as-used” basis. All memberships Golf, Tennis packages can be bought for the period of the membership. Fees can be calculated on pro-rated basis, starting from the month of July of the minimum fees will be 50% of the annual fees.
Annual fees must be paid maximum by the end of January, after this timing a penalty fees have to be paid.
TERMS All memberships, packages and lockers are monthly prorated and should end December 31st, starting from the month of July of the minimum fees will be 50% of the annual fees.
Pro-rated memberships will only apply to new comers.
Packages, lockers, pre –paid coupons and vouchers to be used only for the same year issued and not transferable.

Katameya Heights may terminate the facilities’ use privilege of any individual upon giving such person a written notice of termination if, in the sole judgment of Katameya Heights, such individual:

Failed to meet eligibility.
Submitted false information on the application for facility use.
Allowed his/her identification card to be used by another individual.
Failed to pay fees and account balances when due.
Failed to abide by the Rules & Regulations set forth.

Notwithstanding any such termination of privileges, such individual shall remain liable for any unpaid fees, dues and/or account balances, and such person shall not be entitled to a refund of any fee or dues previously paid.




Facility dues and fees as set forth therein give individuals no ownership rights or interests in the facilities, other than the specific right to use the facilities contemplated by the type of fee payment. The landowner and operator hereby limit their liability, under any circumstances and conditions that currently exist or may in the future exist. No oral representations shall be relied upon. The landowner and operator s obligations are limited to those explicitly set forth in writing. No individual’s use of Katameya Heights is exclusive, and is subject to use by all other facility users of Katameya Heights.




It is our policy at Katameya Heights that the responsibility for the conduct of each facility user, his family and guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcohol beverages on Katameya Heights’ property, lies with the individual.
Management has been authorized to instruct each Katameya Heights employee who serves alcoholic beverages, to refuse to serve them to any person who is under 21 years of age or who appears to have consumed alcohol to a point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself or others or against the government regulations.
Any individuals who feel that they have been offended by a refusal of alcohol by an employee, is asked not to take issue with the employee but to place a grievance in writing to the General Manager.