Golf RULES & REGULATIONS Reservation Policy (Championship Golf Course) 

Only members will be allowed to reserve Tee Times on weekends and public holidays from 6.30 a.m. to 12:00 noon Guests of members will only be allowed to reserve Tee Times after 12:00 noon Reservation will be open by telephone for members five days in advance. Members are not permitted to use false names in reservations. Non members attempting to play before 12:00 noon will be stopped and will lose the reserved Tee Time. Reservations made by members for weekends and public holidays that include non-members will only be accepted three days in advance and will only be for Tee Times after 12:00 noon.
Informing the Pro Shop of canceled tee-off bookings is not only a courtesy but also a requirement. Repeat offenders will be penalized financially or have their booking privileges suspended.

GENERAL Golfers without an official handicap will only be allowed access to the Championship Course when space is available and at off peak times (excluding weekends and public holidays). The management reserves the right to direct any non-handicap holding golfer to the Nine-Hole Course.
Children under 15 year without an official handicap are permitted to play the Nine-Hole course under the supervision of an adult member and with the prior approval of the head golf professional.
Juniors golfers with a club red tee junior competition handicap are permitted to play the Nine-Hole course only without supervision they may play the championship course only with supervision of an adult and at off peak times (excluding weekends and public holidays).
Juniors (under 18 years old) with an official men’s and ladies’ handicap may play both the Nine-Hole course and the Championship course.
Juniors without an official handicap may play the Nine-Hole course only with the supervision of an adult member.

Katameya Heights is a Four Ball course on weekends. Singles and twosomes will be paired together to make threesomes or foursomes on weekends and public holidays. Pro Shop/Starters and Golf Professionals have the authority to enforce this rule.

All players must have their own set of clubs and golf bag while playing.
Players may not tee-off Hole #10 without permission from the starter.

Golfing related fees must be paid in the pro shop before starting your round.

Golfers must register themselves and their guests in the Pro Shop upon arrival at the course. This allows the Pro Shop to:

Issue receipts for green fees, carts, range balls, etc.
Assist with arrangements for games
Have the clubs and carts (or caddies) ready to go
Confirm tee-off times

Before starting, golfers must check in with the Starter to confirm order of play and present their green fee receipt.
Golfing spectators are welcome at Katameya Heights with prior approval of the professional staff. The management may restrict spectators on weekends and holidays due to availability of golf carts. A spectator will only be permitted use of a cart if the Golf cart rules per group are being honored. For example - No more than 2 carts per flight, and a maximum of 1 cart if only 2 golfers are playing.


GOLF CARTS should be

Signed out before play.
Limited to two passengers.
Driven on cart paths where provided.
Golf Carts are prohibited from stony aggregate and sandy waste areas.
Driving and renting only by persons 18 years of age and older with a valid license.

Any damage or injury resulting from operation of a golf cart must be reported to the Pro Shop immediately.
All individuals drive carts at their own risk and are responsible for the costs of repairs for any damage.

Only hit from designated area i.e. hit only from the mats at the top end of the range and the Academy range as well.
Players are allowed to hit from the designated marked area of the grass at the academy end of the range only.
The driving range is not a play ground area for children adults must respect this and ensure that their children especially young children under 8 years old are not running around the driving range at any time.
An adult must accompany children under 8 years old to ensure their safety.
Katameya Heights reserves the right to suspend or revoke privileges for breaking any of these rules.
The management of Katameya Heights reserves the right to suspend or revoke privileges for breaking any of these rules.

What people wear on the course and driving range has a direct bearing on Katameya Heights’ reputation and public image. Because Katameya Heights is dedicated to the highest standards and traditions of the game, it is important that individuals dress in appropriate golfing attire.

The following attire is acceptable

Golf slacks, golf tailored shorts, collared and /or turtle nick T-shirts, Roll Neck shirts, Golf shoes and/or training shoes. Soft spikes are mandatory.

The following attire is not acceptable

Denim jeans swimming/jogging shorts, flip/flop/sandal shoes, collarless t-shirts, training/tracksuit pants, football/rugby shirts. The club notice board and website hold current information regarding dress regulations. The decision of the club employee is final in the dispute of whether a garment is suitable or not.


USGA and Royal & Ancient Rules of Golf are always in effect except in the cases where modified by local rules. Katameya Heights is committed to ensuring a reasonable pace of play for all members. If a match fails to keep its pace on the course and loses more than a clear hole on the players ahead, it must allow the match following to play through. In severe cases of slow play, a match may be required to pick up their golf balls and advance to an open hole, if the match concerned does not comply with the directions from the Marshall they may be removed from the course.
It is required that the course marshal’s instructions be followed at all times. A round should be completed in 4 hours or less, if play is unobstructed.
No outside caddies are permitted.
Each player is requested to repair ball marks, replace divots and rake sand traps to ensure excellent conditions for all golfers.