Press Release
2019 Rules of Golf are set to change...
Friday, December 28, 2018

2019 Rules of Golf are set to change...



There have been a number of changes to the Rules of Golf going into 2019.


Below are the 20 most important 2019 rule changes.


1. Search time - Reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes 

2. Ball moved during search - Replace, no penalty  

3. Embedded ball - Free relief anywhere through the course  

4. Measuring a drop - Use longest club (except putter)  

5. Dropping - Drop from knee height rather than shoulder  

6. Taking stance on wrong green is not permitted   

7. Ball unintentionally hits player of equipment - No penalty  

8. Double hit - No penalty, now only counts as one stroke  

9. Touching sand in bunker incidentally is permitted  

10. Loose impediments can be removed anywhere including hazards 

11. Dropping a ball out of bunker - 2 penalty strokes  

12. Water hazards - Now called "penalty areas"  

13. Touching ground in penalty area - No penalty  

14. Ball moves on green after being marked - Replace without penalty  

15. Ball accidentally moved on putting green - Replace without penalty  

16. All damage to green can now be repaired  

17. Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted  

18. Caddie assisting with alignment is not permitted  

19. Putting with flag stick in hole is now permitted  

20. Ball wedged against flag stick and side of hole is deemed as holed


As you can see, there are some big changes to the rules of golf going into 2019 and for more details and information regarding the 2019 new rule changes please visit the R&A Website.

Please also be aware that you can download the New 2019 Rules of Golf app for Apple & Android.